Month: June 2016

GOContainers Solves Your Storage Needs

Are you looking to purchase a shipping container for your personal or business storage needs? Have you heard horror stories of people buying shipping containers only to find they are in bad condition and do not live up to expectations? Look no further than GOContainers for your container storage needs.

GOContainers Solves Your Storage Needs

GOContainers started as a family business selling shipping containers in Texas. Buying a shipping container has a number of advantages over a storage unit. It is a one-time cost which is important if you plan on using the container for years as opposed to a temporary storage solution. It also can be stored on-site or wherever you want—no need to go to a storage unit in another part of town to get something out of it.

At GOContainers, it is our policy that you don’t pay for it until you see it. You don’t have to be worried about the quality of the container. We want to make sure you know you are buying an excellent quality container before paying for it. For more information about buying a shipping container from GOContainers, contact us today.

Shipping Containers Make The Ideal Hunting Cabin

Building a hunting cabin is all about balance. You need to have enough room for all your essentials, but you don’t want someplace that’s just as big as your house. You want a place that’s durable, especially if you’re going to be away from it for most of the year, but you want to make sure it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Shipping Containers Make The Ideal Hunting Cabin

Getting all that from a single structure can be hard… unless, that is, you decide to invest in a shipping container hunting cabin.

What Kind of Hunting Cabin, Now?

Shipping containers have been used for housing for years now, and the uses are ever-expanding. Given that a hunting cabin needs to be self-contained, durable, and relatively cheap, a shipping container is the ideal building block. All it takes is a solid foundation, and the necessary plumbing, and a shipping container hunting cabin can be set down right where you want it. There’s no muss, no fuss, and no prolonged building on the site. It’s shipped right to you, and then you can take your time making it your own.

Perhaps the final nail that seals the deal, though, is that shipping container hunting cabins are easily customized for your needs. If you need a one or two-person cabin that you’ll use a few weeks out of the year, then a single container will do. If you prefer to have bigger forays, and you want space for everyone, then cabins made of two or three shipping contains can be assembled with relative ease. The power is in your hands.

For more information on shipping container hunting cabins, as well as other types of shipping container housing, simply contact us today!