Month: September 2016

Use a Shipping Container Workshop for a Retirement Business

Baby boomers have been retiring in droves, but many have found they miss working. Some have become volunteers, and they cite the daily interaction with others as a reason to continue. According to The Street, many have chosen to get back into the world of business. Some are exploring a life-long hobby as a business, and others are opening businesses in new fields. For those who want to create their own goods, a shipping container workshop is just what they need.

Use a Shipping Container Workshop for a Retirement Business

Downsizing in Retirement

When retirement strikes, people often sell their large home for a smaller, more compact space. They want to get away from maintaining the house and a big yard and this smaller space give them more time for their hobbies. Turning a hobby into a business requires more area than many small retirement homes provide, and adding a shipping container workshop to the backyard is a way to create more space without expanding the home.

A Defined Area

Hobbies and small businesses require concentration for success, and having an area specifically designed for them are best. Moving out of the house and into a workshop provides a designated area for work, and it keeps unnecessary noise from disturbing work. When a person is ready to welcome the public, inviting them to the shop rather than their home is a good option. This gives the retiree a place to do public business from home while maintaining their privacy.

Add Space without Remodeling

When it comes to adding space, remodeling a home is a major undertaking, and many retirees would prefer not to take on that type of job. Choosing a container instead of adding a shop to the house is a non-invasive way to add space without tearing out walls and adding doors or rooms.

Many retirees are returning to the workplace because they enjoy the challenges, and creating their own space is often important. If you are a retiree who needs a good place to work, please contact us to inquire about our shipping container options.

A Hunting Cabin Container makes hunting better.

Are you tired of loading up all of your hunting gear every time you go hunting? Does the thought of clearing the scent off your gear every time you step back into the house make you cringe? A fully customizable Hunting Cabin Container is the answer to all your hunting headaches. A Hunting Cabin Container makes hunting better and here’s why!

A Hunting Cabin Container makes hunting better.

These days, shipping containers are becoming popular as storage units, workshops, houses, and even hunting cabins. Be the envy of your family and your hunting buddies by transforming a shipping container into the hunting cabin of your dreams. A shipping container is customizable in ways most have never dreamed of.

Equip your cabin with electricity

Electricity can help bring the comforts of home to every hunting trip. Set yourself up with a refrigerator, a stove or microwave (or both) a coffee pot, lighting, and whatever else will make your hunting trip more enjoyable.

Bring on the running water!

Running water makes it easy to hook up a washer and dryer, sinks, and, a shower and a toilet. Avoid having the animals picking up your scent with a nice comfortable bathroom.

Don’t forget the kitchen!

A kitchen in your hunting cabin container can open up a realm of possibility. Imagine butcher block counter tops and glossed concrete floors for cleaning your prize and cleaning up after.

Private Bedrooms

Everyone needs a place to lay their head. You can put up bunks for you and all your hunting buddies, or if you prefer to hunt alone, a nice private bedroom of your own design.

The possibilities are endless for what you can do to personalize your hunting cabin container, so dream as big as you want to.

When you are ready to design your dream hunting cabin container, contact us for help along the way.