Get Creative With Your Custom Shipping Container

Do you have great ideas but you’re feeling stuck and looking for a place to create something? Whether you’re taking up welding and don’t want to pay for rent in a shop, or you’re looking to get that woodworking dust out of the garage, look no further than a custom container from GOContainers!

A shipping container workshop is a great solution for the weekend handyman and the aspiring entrepreneur alike. Without having to worry about building an entire structure or finding a workspace to rent, you’ll save time, money and headaches, and be able to spend more time focusing on your passion. Here’s just one example of a custom container workshop.

Shipping container workshops are:

  • Versatile – the perfect platform for many uses, no matter how dirty the job or how exacting the details, containers can be built to serve almost any purpose.
  • Affordable – Nobody sells better containers for a better price, and you won’t pay anything until you see your shipping container to verify its condition and quality.
  • Practical  – By using a pre-fabricated platform for your project, you can rest assured that the frame is structurally sound and it will be easy to seal and keep your valuable tools and projects dry, safe, and secure.
  • Environmentally Sound – By repurposing a used shipping container, you’re keeping more metal out of the waste stream and putting it to good use–for your hard work!

If you’re ready to take the next step to get your business off the ground or take your hobby to the next level, wait no longer and give GOContainers a call today!

Shipping Container Storage that Meets Your Business Needs

Is your business facing storage challenges due to seasonal surges, company growth, and high production volume? GOContainers’ portable storage containers are the solution for you. We provide portable storage containers at affordable prices. With our shipping containers, you will be able to get a dependable storage solution and easy access to your products in a way that suits your business needs.

Shipping Container Storage that Meets your Business Needs

The storage containers come in various sizes, ranging from 20 to 45 feet in length. Shipping containers are constructed with corrugated steel and heavy-duty wood flooring, making them secure for the storage of any products and usable over an extended period.

GOContainers has been in business since 1986, and we stand out when it comes to delivering storage solutions around the needs and demands of our customers. Our many years of experience enable us to ensure that we provide you with quality and affordable containers. Therefore,  if your warehouse is not meeting your storage needs, a shipping container storage would be a quick solution.

With various locations in Texas and surrounding areas, we can quickly arrange for the container delivery to your location. We place only superior products on the market at prices that reflect our resourceful internal knowledge. Let us help get you the shipping container storage that meets your business needs. Contact us today to find a storage container that works for you.

Have You Ever Considered a Shipping Container Home?

You’ve probably heard of the ‘tiny home’ movement that’s taking the nation by storm, but did you know that some of those homes are built from shipping containers? And some of these shipping container homes are not so tiny, either!

Have You Ever Considered a Shipping Container Home?

There are many reasons why people choose to make their homes from these huge, recycled metal boxes:

  • Recycling used shipping containers is an environmentally friendly way of having your own home. Instead of using massive amounts of conventional building materials, you’ll be upcycling a few tons of ‘scrap’ steel.
  • Building from shipping containers saves time and materials. After all, the main structure of your new home is already there. You’ll be moving into it in much less time than if was stick-built.
  • They are often much less expensive per square foot than conventional homes.
  • Metal shipping containers are resistant to both fire and termites.
  • Shipping containers are unlikely to develop leaks or the resultant mold.
  • Shipping containers are designed to take a beating and just keep going. Even full of heavy loads, they’re swung from cranes, stacked and unstacked, loaded and unloaded, exposed to salt air and salty roads… Is it any wonder that they make a sturdy base for a new home?
  • The fire and safety ratings of homes made from these containers is very high. If a hurricane is approaching, just seal up your containerized home and defy the elements to breach its defenses!

A shipping container home can be just as spacious, comfortable, and stylish as any other home. Don’t believe that? Check out these homes for yourself. It’s hard to believe they started out as humble, hardworking shipping containers! If you would like to look into building one of these unique homes, contact us. We can help you on your way to a shipping container home of your own.

Use a Shipping Container Workshop for a Retirement Business

Baby boomers have been retiring in droves, but many have found they miss working. Some have become volunteers, and they cite the daily interaction with others as a reason to continue. According to The Street, many have chosen to get back into the world of business. Some are exploring a life-long hobby as a business, and others are opening businesses in new fields. For those who want to create their own goods, a shipping container workshop is just what they need.

Use a Shipping Container Workshop for a Retirement Business

Downsizing in Retirement

When retirement strikes, people often sell their large home for a smaller, more compact space. They want to get away from maintaining the house and a big yard and this smaller space give them more time for their hobbies. Turning a hobby into a business requires more area than many small retirement homes provide, and adding a shipping container workshop to the backyard is a way to create more space without expanding the home.

A Defined Area

Hobbies and small businesses require concentration for success, and having an area specifically designed for them are best. Moving out of the house and into a workshop provides a designated area for work, and it keeps unnecessary noise from disturbing work. When a person is ready to welcome the public, inviting them to the shop rather than their home is a good option. This gives the retiree a place to do public business from home while maintaining their privacy.

Add Space without Remodeling

When it comes to adding space, remodeling a home is a major undertaking, and many retirees would prefer not to take on that type of job. Choosing a container instead of adding a shop to the house is a non-invasive way to add space without tearing out walls and adding doors or rooms.

Many retirees are returning to the workplace because they enjoy the challenges, and creating their own space is often important. If you are a retiree who needs a good place to work, please contact us to inquire about our shipping container options.

A Hunting Cabin Container makes hunting better.

Are you tired of loading up all of your hunting gear every time you go hunting? Does the thought of clearing the scent off your gear every time you step back into the house make you cringe? A fully customizable Hunting Cabin Container is the answer to all your hunting headaches. A Hunting Cabin Container makes hunting better and here’s why!

A Hunting Cabin Container makes hunting better.

These days, shipping containers are becoming popular as storage units, workshops, houses, and even hunting cabins. Be the envy of your family and your hunting buddies by transforming a shipping container into the hunting cabin of your dreams. A shipping container is customizable in ways most have never dreamed of.

Equip your cabin with electricity

Electricity can help bring the comforts of home to every hunting trip. Set yourself up with a refrigerator, a stove or microwave (or both) a coffee pot, lighting, and whatever else will make your hunting trip more enjoyable.

Bring on the running water!

Running water makes it easy to hook up a washer and dryer, sinks, and, a shower and a toilet. Avoid having the animals picking up your scent with a nice comfortable bathroom.

Don’t forget the kitchen!

A kitchen in your hunting cabin container can open up a realm of possibility. Imagine butcher block counter tops and glossed concrete floors for cleaning your prize and cleaning up after.

Private Bedrooms

Everyone needs a place to lay their head. You can put up bunks for you and all your hunting buddies, or if you prefer to hunt alone, a nice private bedroom of your own design.

The possibilities are endless for what you can do to personalize your hunting cabin container, so dream as big as you want to.

When you are ready to design your dream hunting cabin container, contact us for help along the way.

Why You Need an Insulated Storage Container

If you’re looking for a storage container, it probably didn’t take long for you to realize how many options there are. You may have even been a little overwhelmed by the whole ordeal. But as you look, there is one feature you should demand from your storage container. Before you buy a portable building, think about utilizing an insulated shipping container. Here are a few reasons that an insulated container might be the right choice for you.

Why You Need an Insulated Storage Container

Keep your materials safe

Chances are, whatever you’re keeping in your storage container is vital to your business. You also probably have a lot of equity in the materials you store there. Protect the value of those materials by keeping the environment constant.

Stay comfortable as you work

Depending on what you use your new storage container for, you may be spending a lot of time inside. Either way, you’ll probably be there more than you expect. Why not be comfortable while you work? An insulated container not only takes care of your materials and their value, it also takes care of you.

Increase resale value

You may be planning to keep your new storage container forever, in which case, it’s definitely worth it to invest in some comfort. On the other hand, if you’re only planning on keeping it for a short period, now is the time to consider how you will resell the container when you are done with it. A plain container won’t be worth as much, but potential buyers will be willing to pay more for an insulated container for all of the reasons listed above and then some.

Need more reasons to invest in an insulated container? Contact us.

Secure Containers Go Beyond National Preparedness Month

Every fall, the country recognizes National Preparedness Month. Although that’s a positive step, we all know that emergencies aren’t restricted to the autumn months. Over the summer, there’s hurricane season to contend with not to mention tornadoes and flash flooding. And according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Disaster Declarations, there have already been more than 30 negative, weather events this year.

Secure Containers’ Usefulness Goes Beyond National Preparedness Month Events

Last year there were 9 and 2014 had more than 80. So you just know we’ll invariably have more disasters to deal with before 2016 is through. No matter how many are truly on the horizon, the big question is do you have enough secure containers to survive them all? If not, consider making a short-term investment that will bring you long-term, peace of mind.

Secure containers are an excellent way to store emergency dry goods, potable water, generators and other disaster preparedness essentials. They’re fully enclosed and may be outfitted with temperature or humidity controls post purchase. The secured containers are also capable of hosting interior/exterior lights and warning systems, should preparedness groups choose to invest in them after the sale. Building codes, installation costs and the like will obviously vary based on the chosen property’s location.

The secure containers come in a number of sizes and may either be scattered throughout a property or clustered together for bug out expediency. They’re primarily designed to be used above ground, but with the right excavation plan, they could be converted into subterranean shelters too. If you do decide to bury them, keep in mind that the weight of the dirt may jeopardize the secured containers’ integrity. Thus, it may be necessary to employ gabion baskets, truss systems and stone foundations as structural reinforcements.

With that said, to get prepared for future disasters, contact us at GOContainers today.

GOContainers Solves Your Storage Needs

Are you looking to purchase a shipping container for your personal or business storage needs? Have you heard horror stories of people buying shipping containers only to find they are in bad condition and do not live up to expectations? Look no further than GOContainers for your container storage needs.

GOContainers Solves Your Storage Needs

GOContainers started as a family business selling shipping containers in Texas. Buying a shipping container has a number of advantages over a storage unit. It is a one-time cost which is important if you plan on using the container for years as opposed to a temporary storage solution. It also can be stored on-site or wherever you want—no need to go to a storage unit in another part of town to get something out of it.

At GOContainers, it is our policy that you don’t pay for it until you see it. You don’t have to be worried about the quality of the container. We want to make sure you know you are buying an excellent quality container before paying for it. For more information about buying a shipping container from GOContainers, contact us today.

Shipping Containers Make The Ideal Hunting Cabin

Building a hunting cabin is all about balance. You need to have enough room for all your essentials, but you don’t want someplace that’s just as big as your house. You want a place that’s durable, especially if you’re going to be away from it for most of the year, but you want to make sure it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Shipping Containers Make The Ideal Hunting Cabin

Getting all that from a single structure can be hard… unless, that is, you decide to invest in a shipping container hunting cabin.

What Kind of Hunting Cabin, Now?

Shipping containers have been used for housing for years now, and the uses are ever-expanding. Given that a hunting cabin needs to be self-contained, durable, and relatively cheap, a shipping container is the ideal building block. All it takes is a solid foundation, and the necessary plumbing, and a shipping container hunting cabin can be set down right where you want it. There’s no muss, no fuss, and no prolonged building on the site. It’s shipped right to you, and then you can take your time making it your own.

Perhaps the final nail that seals the deal, though, is that shipping container hunting cabins are easily customized for your needs. If you need a one or two-person cabin that you’ll use a few weeks out of the year, then a single container will do. If you prefer to have bigger forays, and you want space for everyone, then cabins made of two or three shipping contains can be assembled with relative ease. The power is in your hands.

For more information on shipping container hunting cabins, as well as other types of shipping container housing, simply contact us today!

Need A Custom Shipping Container Fireworks Stand?

Before you know it the Fourth of July will be here! Vacationers and other proud Americans all over the country will be flocking to all kinds of celebrations and promotional events in or near their hometown. American flags will be waving majestically high in the sky, while we all nosh on our favorite samples of classic American fanfare like hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, funnel cakes, and more.

Need A Custom Shipping Container Fireworks Stand?

When the sun fully sets and the night sky becomes dark enough to truly appreciate the beauty of a good fireworks display, we will all sit in awe and enjoy them with our families and closest friends.

At GOContainers, we can create custom shipping container fireworks stands and deliver to your location. The Fourth of July is our time to shine in Texas! We provide very durable, custom fireworks containers with a variety of fully customized solutions to match your unique needs. Our professional staff is also readily available to assist you with any questions you might have to ensure your ready for Independence Day.

We also offer some of the most affordable pricing options available in the industry, as well as our unmatched elite levels of customer service. Please contact us for more information today on our fireworks stands or our equally affordable and high quality shipping and portable cargo containers. We have four great locations in Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio TX to best suit your needs across our great state. Call GOContainers today for more information!

Could A Shipping Container Workshop Be Your Answer?

Whether you are a carpenter, plumber, backyard mechanic or an artist, a shipping container may be the perfect solution to your need for a safe and secure place to work. When you factor in durability, security and moveability a shipping container workshop will undoubtedly prove the most economical choice for your workshop needs.

A Shipping Container Workshop Gives You the Elbow Room to Create!

If you work with wood, there is the sawdust to contend with. Mechanical parts are oily and plumbing parts can be just plain nasty!

A container workshop near your home or in the backyard is convenient and easy to accomplish. A shipping container can be moved into a remarkably small parcel of land yet, with the doors open wide, you never feel confined. Close those doors and put your lock in place and there are not going to be many burglars that will invest the time and energy it would take to break into a shipping container. There would be just too much work and risk. Burglars generally want to get in and out quick.

Shipping containers make great workshops. If you would like more information please contact us. We can help you decide just the type of container you need!

The Benefits of Steel Containers for your Non-Profit Organization

Many people think of steel containers as metal boxes that are primarily used for storage. Our shipping containers can provide your non-profit organization with a number of benefits and save you money in the process.

The Benefits of Steel Containers for your Non-Profit Organization

Make the Most of Shared Space

It’s not uncommon for non-profit agencies to meet at churches, community centers, and other businesses. If your non-profit is sharing space, you already know how challenging it can be to store supplies or secure your inventory. A steel shipping container can solve this dilemma by providing you with security, storage and/or additional office space.


A steel container can be used for a number of things, from providing affordable housing solutions to shipping supplies across the world. In fact, your container can even be partitioned into sections so that you may utilize it for more than one function. It’s easy to modify storage containers to fit the changing needs of your organization. You can even add plumbing, electricity, heating, or cooling to your storage container if desired.


As a non-profit, it’s important to operate as cost-effectively as possible. Steel containers can help you do just that because they are inexpensive to customize and maintain. One of our containers can save you a great deal of money over constructing a new building, leaving you with more funds to carry on your mission.

We have a number of container options to fit any need or budget, and invite you to contact us today to find out more.

Using Cargo Containers for Business Storage

Using Cargo Containers for Business StorageIs your company outgrowing your current warehouse, but not in the market for new business storage? Are seasonal surges or high volume periods creating challenging storage situations? Using a portable storage container to solve your company’s space needs might be right for you.

A portable storage container is an affordable and simple way to solve your storage space problem. Placed on your property, shipping containers provide a dependable storage solution and easy access for your business requirements. Available in various sizes, purchasing a portable storage container is a quick solution to any growing company’s evolving warehouse needs.

GOContainers offers multiple options to satisfy your portable storage needs. Our shipping containers come in 20’, 40’, and 45’ lengths. Constructed of corrugated steel and heavy duty wood flooring, it is a secure and safe option for the storage of any product.

With thirty years of experience providing our customers with quality and affordable service, GOContainers prides itself on creating storage solutions around our customer’s needs and demands. Let our experience find the right container for you. GOContainers will also arrange for its delivery.

If you’re finding your warehouse space is not fulfilling your company’s needs and looking for a better option, a portable storage container may be what you’re looking for. Contact us today to find out which storage container can work for you.

Need A Shipping Container? Get It Delivered!

With multiple locations in Texas, GOContainers can arrange for shipping container delivery to surrounding states. Need a shipping container delivered to your home or business, we can help!

Need A Shipping Container? Get It Delivered!

Shipping Container Delivery

Our shipping containers can make any project possible with our affordable customization options and fast delivery. GOContainers has been in the container business since 1986 and we place only quality products on the market, at prices reflecting our resourceful insider knowledge.

Contact GOContainers

As one of the most trusted providers of portable storage containers in Houston, DallasSan Antonio and El Paso, many business owners and families consult with us in their quest to obtain quality containers for both small and large scale storage of their materials. GOContainers is a family-owned business and offers a personable approach in dealing with business. We’re invested in our service and we strive to gain an understanding around our customers’ shipping and storage needs. To find your next shipping container, contact GOContainers today.

Steel Containers: Portable Concession Stands


Americans love to see their children and grand kids play sports. That’s why each year, countless parents rush to sign their children up for everything from baseball to football. Unfortunately, they are also often the first programs to go when recreation centers, schools and civic organizations experience financial troubles. The good news is income from fund-raising and concession stands often save those programs from cancellation. And that’s where steel containers come into play.

Steel Containers: Portable Concession Stands

Steel shipping containers can be easily converted into affordable, long-lasting, portable concession stands. Unlike their wooden counterparts, they require little maintenance beyond an occasional, fresh coat of paint. They also resist damage from termites, fire, wind, rain and other elements known to destroy wooden structures. And no, athletic leagues don’t have to convert the steel containers on their own.

At GOContainers, we’re more than happy to transform retired shipping containers into durable concession stands that are perfect for community ballparks and recreation areas. And the transformation process is meant to be highly individualized. So if your sports team needs a concession stand that’s fully insulated and equipped with electricity, we’ve got you covered.

Oh and by the way, some of the steel containers are very large. As such, they may accommodate both hot and cold prep areas as well as storage areas that meet health department standards. It is also possible to sell team souvenirs and sportswear out of the steel container too. Accordingly, some athletic departments will request two or more containers and have them outfitted with windows as well as doors.

To learn more about our steel shipping container solutions, please contact GOContainers today.

A Customized Shipping Container

A Customized Shipping ContainerWhat makes a customized shipping container so versatile? A typical shipping container ranges in size from 10’ to 45’ long, 8′ wide and 8.5′ to  9.5′ tall. This fully customizable steel box has marine grade, multi-ply, flooring to withstand years of wear and tear. You can order containers with open top or open-side if you’re looking to add space with multiple containers. Overhead roll up doors, insulation, windows, and electrical can also be added to your custom shipping container. Basically, you can configure these containers almost any way you want.

The security and durability of a shipping container is perfect for storage shed and shelter solutions, they are also easy to maintain and affordable. So where do you find a customized trailer? GOContainers can deliver shipping, cargo, and portable storage containers, from one of our four locations in Texas. This means we can arrange for quick delivery to your home or business. If you have any questions or need information do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional sales staff is ready to assist you with your shipping container needs.

Advantages of a Hunting Cabin Container

Advantages of a Hunting Cabin ContainerBuilding a conventional hunting cabin is expensive, and the cost of insurance can make an RV out of reach financially. A better solution could be a hunting cabin container for a number of reasons.


One of the biggest advantages to a hunting cabin container is the fact that it is portable. This feature is especially desirable if you lease hunting land, as you can simply pack up your container and take it with you when your lease is up. You’ll also appreciate portability if you regularly hunt in several different areas, but do not wish to build a permanent structure everywhere you hunt.


A shipping container is highly customizable, allowing you to add features such as a covered front porch, windows, or a traditional door to make your container feel more homelike. You may also divide your container into separate areas for cooking and sleeping to ensure you have adequate privacy. Whether you are looking for a cabin that will provide you with protection against the weather, or in need of more comfortable camping accommodations, one of our shipping containers can easily fit the bill.


Our sturdy steel containers are meant to withstand even the harshest elements. While winds outside roar, you’ll barely feel a breeze while tucked safely inside your hunting cabin container. Its solid steel construction is also fireproof, making it ideal for locations that are prone to wildfires. You’ll find the tightly-sealed roof provides ample protection from leaks, even during the most severe downpours. The odds of a container cabin being damaged from falling tree limbs is extremely low, making it one of the safest places to ride out a heavy storm. These are just a few advantages you could realize from a hunting cabin container. To find out more, contact GOContainers today!.

The Benefits of Custom Containers

The Benefits of Custom ContainersCreativity is an important part of life. When your creativity requires you gaining extra space, custom containers provide it in any shape you need. While there are many places to purchase a standard container, GOContainers offers custom-made solutions. There are a variety of benefits these types of containers offer to our clients.

  • Our portable containers give you the ability to store your items on site. Rather, then traveling to another location, keep your items close by.
  • Portability also means that if you need an extra space to use for an office or something on site. You don’t have to worry about doing paperwork or anything if the weather gets bad.
  • A custom container can be shaped to fit any type of item. This means instead of using the typical square boxes, you can store anything you wish.
  • Along with customizing the shape, we can also customize the size of the container to fit your needs.
  • Typically, a storage container has two hinged doors on one end. When you design a custom container, you can keep this type of door or change it to something more accessible.

Contact us today for more information on purchasing your custom container. We look forward to providing the storage solution you are in search of.

Consumer Warning: Carefully Examine Your Purchase Decision

When reviewing all your quotes, consider who you are buying from and what you will be getting for your hard earned money. At GOContainers, LLC we have a simple yet powerful statement that is aimed to protect container buyers from unscrupulous sellers making false claims with misleading information…

“If you can’t touch it or see it…don’t pay for it until you can!” 

There are a lot of container “brokers”, mainly from out of state, preying on trusting people whose only concern is how many people they can persuade to send them money up front. They ask for money up front because after taking your money, they start looking for a container to buy which will be “1st out of stack”, sight unseen by them AND YOU!! That just doesn’t make sense unless you can pay C.O.D. then you’ll see what I am talking about!

That’s why we suggest you inspect the container you have been quoted before you pay for it! If you are unable to inspect your container in person, you should, at least, be offered a full set of photos so you have a good idea of what you’re buying. 

GOContainers has yards/depots in the same few strategic cities in Texas that shipping lines terminate and redistribute containers…Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and El Paso. We are a direct seller of shipper-owned containers meaning…

“As a direct seller of shipper-owned containers, There is no middle-man men when you buy from GOContainers.”

We not only have photos of our container inventory, but we boldly post them on our continually updated website PLUS the PRICE CATEGORY in which they are offered…how’s that for confidence! On top of that, we don’t ask for payment until we deliver your container* 

“We strive to earn business the good old fashioned way…trustworthiness with friendly service at a fair price.”

If you want the best value in shipping and storage containers, allow us the opportunity and you’ll see why our customers keep coming back to GOContainers!

Don’t Buy a Used Shipping Container…until you read this!!

When cargo shipping lines upgrade their intermodal container fleet, which typically range in length from 20 feet to 45 feet, they off-hire or off-lease those containers with only certain sellers strategically located in a select few cities across North America. These dealers of shipper-owned containers also know as Container Depots or Container Yards, are 1st line sellers and have the first option to purchase them.

As a first level sellers of shipper-owned containers like GOContainers, we usually have containers in better conditions than 2nd level and 3rd level brokers commonly know as “the middleman”. The greater number of shipper-owned containers bought from the cargo shipping lines, the greater the price break to the shipper-owned container sellers like GOContainers.

GOContainers is one of just a handful of those volume buyers BUT we differ from all the rest because when we purchase containers at a discount, THE SAVINGS ARE PASSED ON TO OUR CUSTOMERS!

GOContainers can offer the lowest prices in America. We can do this because we have VERY LOW OVERHEAD obtained through 30 years of experience (since 1986) cutting our costs and focusing on VOLUME SALES RATHER THAN PROFIT PER SALE!

Other benefits of doing business with the GOContainers are:

  • Our family has owned and operated business since 1986.
  • Our prices simply cannot be beaten on like containers, comparing apples-to-apples
  • Highest quality and condition
  • We don’t ask for any money upfront…you pay when delivered (modification project are the exception)
  • Physically pick the container you want (by appointment only due to volume)
  • If you are unable to inspect containers in person, we have pictures on our website of our available containers in each of our locations
  • Prompt and reliable delivery including 40’ tilt-bed/roll-off trailers, 20’ tilt-bed/roll-off wrecker as well as a flatbed trailer and chassis delivery which could mean DELIVERY COST SAVINGS to you.
  • Custom Modifications & Installations (paint, turbines, lock boxes, doors, etc. (varies by location)
  • An intermodal container (also container, freight container, ISO container, shipping container, hi-cube container, box, conex box and sea can) is a standardized reusable steel box used for the safe, efficient and secure storage and movement of materials and products within a global containerized intermodal freight transport system. “Intermodal” indicates that the container can be moved from one mode of transport to another from ship, to rail, to truck without unloading and reloading the contents of the container. Lengths of containers, which each has a unique ISO 6346 reporting mark, vary from 8 feet to 56 feet and heights from 8.0’ to 9’6”. There are approximately 17 million intermodal containers in the world of varying types to suit different cargoes.