Month: February 2016

Need A Shipping Container? Get It Delivered!

With multiple locations in Texas, GOContainers can arrange for shipping container delivery to surrounding states. Need a shipping container delivered to your home or business, we can help!

Need A Shipping Container? Get It Delivered!

Shipping Container Delivery

Our shipping containers can make any project possible with our affordable customization options and fast delivery. GOContainers has been in the container business since 1986 and we place only quality products on the market, at prices reflecting our resourceful insider knowledge.

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As one of the most trusted providers of portable storage containers in Houston, DallasSan Antonio and El Paso, many business owners and families consult with us in their quest to obtain quality containers for both small and large scale storage of their materials. GOContainers is a family-owned business and offers a personable approach in dealing with business. We’re invested in our service and we strive to gain an understanding around our customers’ shipping and storage needs. To find your next shipping container, contact GOContainers today.

Steel Containers: Portable Concession Stands


Americans love to see their children and grand kids play sports. That’s why each year, countless parents rush to sign their children up for everything from baseball to football. Unfortunately, they are also often the first programs to go when recreation centers, schools and civic organizations experience financial troubles. The good news is income from fund-raising and concession stands often save those programs from cancellation. And that’s where steel containers come into play.

Steel Containers: Portable Concession Stands

Steel shipping containers can be easily converted into affordable, long-lasting, portable concession stands. Unlike their wooden counterparts, they require little maintenance beyond an occasional, fresh coat of paint. They also resist damage from termites, fire, wind, rain and other elements known to destroy wooden structures. And no, athletic leagues don’t have to convert the steel containers on their own.

At GOContainers, we’re more than happy to transform retired shipping containers into durable concession stands that are perfect for community ballparks and recreation areas. And the transformation process is meant to be highly individualized. So if your sports team needs a concession stand that’s fully insulated and equipped with electricity, we’ve got you covered.

Oh and by the way, some of the steel containers are very large. As such, they may accommodate both hot and cold prep areas as well as storage areas that meet health department standards. It is also possible to sell team souvenirs and sportswear out of the steel container too. Accordingly, some athletic departments will request two or more containers and have them outfitted with windows as well as doors.

To learn more about our steel shipping container solutions, please contact GOContainers today.

A Customized Shipping Container

A Customized Shipping ContainerWhat makes a customized shipping container so versatile? A typical shipping container ranges in size from 10’ to 45’ long, 8′ wide and 8.5′ to  9.5′ tall. This fully customizable steel box has marine grade, multi-ply, flooring to withstand years of wear and tear. You can order containers with open top or open-side if you’re looking to add space with multiple containers. Overhead roll up doors, insulation, windows, and electrical can also be added to your custom shipping container. Basically, you can configure these containers almost any way you want.

The security and durability of a shipping container is perfect for storage shed and shelter solutions, they are also easy to maintain and affordable. So where do you find a customized trailer? GOContainers can deliver shipping, cargo, and portable storage containers, from one of our four locations in Texas. This means we can arrange for quick delivery to your home or business. If you have any questions or need information do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional sales staff is ready to assist you with your shipping container needs.