Steel Containers: Portable Concession Stands


Americans love to see their children and grand kids play sports. That’s why each year, countless parents rush to sign their children up for everything from baseball to football. Unfortunately, they are also often the first programs to go when recreation centers, schools and civic organizations experience financial troubles. The good news is income from fund-raising and concession stands often save those programs from cancellation. And that’s where steel containers come into play.

Steel Containers: Portable Concession Stands

Steel shipping containers can be easily converted into affordable, long-lasting, portable concession stands. Unlike their wooden counterparts, they require little maintenance beyond an occasional, fresh coat of paint. They also resist damage from termites, fire, wind, rain and other elements known to destroy wooden structures. And no, athletic leagues don’t have to convert the steel containers on their own.

At GOContainers, we’re more than happy to transform retired shipping containers into durable concession stands that are perfect for community ballparks and recreation areas. And the transformation process is meant to be highly individualized. So if your sports team needs a concession stand that’s fully insulated and equipped with electricity, we’ve got you covered.

Oh and by the way, some of the steel containers are very large. As such, they may accommodate both hot and cold prep areas as well as storage areas that meet health department standards. It is also possible to sell team souvenirs and sportswear out of the steel container too. Accordingly, some athletic departments will request two or more containers and have them outfitted with windows as well as doors.

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